I have realized that I would benefit from having a 3D scanner. I ran across the BQ Ciclop scanner. What a great open source company. BQ Systems You can read about the project on the link.

I purchase the electronics and metal bits part of the kit for $156 including shipping from AliExpress. This is about half the cost on eBay and less still than Amazon.

I’ve read really good things about the scanner and it’s really a novel idea. I’m not terribly amused with the shield and board design and may pay it forward by redesigning that later.

For the time being I’ll kick back and wait for the kit to get here. When it does I’ll create some videos and reviews of it. Here is a picture of what is supposed to be in the kit.
The images of the kit are quite good…. It’s either a darn good copy of BQ’s board or a nicely manufactured Chinese version. Their ZUM scan ought to be combined into a Arduino board though….

The 3D parts can be downloaded from Thingiverse. I think I’ll print it in Translucent Blue PLA, which I have on-hand. 🙂

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