I am very happy to share that TinyDelay is completed.  With a kit price of $13.65 plus shipping this is a fun ATTiny85 based kit.  The code uses an interrupt on the input pin to initiate an “on cycle”.  As with all Nanohawk products it can easily be modified for other applications.  The input pin header is connected to ADC2 on the ATTiny to facilitate use with sensors.  The board also features a 6 pin ISP header for easy programming.  Power is supplied via the durable and common USB-B jack.  The relay is over-rated 10A@250V and a PCB design capacity of 4A @120V which should ensure a very long application life.  For applications where direct control of AC current is being used the contact side of the relay has a resistor and capacitor filter.

The kit is available through Tindie.com, more details available here