Received TinyTimer-Duo boards and then ordered a new set

I received the boards for the TinyTimer Duo… and confirmed that they too had two mistakes.  I corrected the mistakes and ordered a new set.  The following changes were logged: Fixed Oscillator and capacitor sequence. Added 10K resistor to reset button Changed labels on logic inputs to reflect the pin they connect to Changed filter […]

New Kit – Mini-button

I decided to make a small board that can be used to mount tactile switches to breadboards.  There are other products out there that do this, but most of them are not kits.  This should be a very fast “product” from design to launch.  A dozen boards are on the way.  Each board measures .34x.5 […]

Change of plans -ordered TinyTimerKS boards

I found a hard bug in the PCB design.  I had forgotten to include a pull up resistor on the reset pin.  This explains why it seemed dead.  There was no nice way to hack around that, so I ordered new boards right away.  Need to get a unit assembled and begin coding/testing/verification so I […]

New PCB design for TinyTimer

replaced switch with pin-header and shunt (jumper).  This is more cost effective and avoids the switch footprint issues. rearranged the crystal and capacitors to ensure no routing errors as on the previous PCB. added a ground plane. located all controlled circuit traces to top of PCB. changed axial capacitor out for more cost effective equivalent […]

Bug Juice – found the error in the schematic

Prototyping is one of those things that when it works properly it can be irritating.  I found the bug in the circuit this evening.  I had the crystal oscillator and the capacitors in the wrong order.  Grr.  I’m going to salvage the prototype board, but it won’t be pretty.    Of course, the important part […]

Tinytimer-KS Prototype Board first look

I’m excited to share that the prototype board has been assembled.  I did discover an issue with the run/program switch.  A few other minor adjustments were warranted as well.  Still working on getting the ISP to behave.  The assembled board looks good.  Here’s a picture: I worked on this for several hours yesterday.  Realized I’m […]

Testing a transistor, relay, resistor combination to ensure long term success

I originally designed the tiny timer using an MJE3055 transistor.  I did this because I had one laying around.  Always a great excuse when hacking a project.  For production purposes, that’s not usually the best choice.  I decided that I would change over to one of my favorite transistors, the BC517.  It’s a high amplification […]

TinyTimer-Classic Prototype Boards arrived

Many thanks to our friends at OSHPark for another speedy order of prototype boards.  The boards arrived today for TinyTimer-Classic.  This is the ATTiny85 powered timer with a single AC or DC relay.  This revision adds a standard 6 pin ISP header and optimizes the component layout.  I will be documenting the build and verifying […]

TinyTimer-KS boards arrive

I’m excited.  The TinyTimer boards showed up today from OSHPark.  Hope to have one assembled and get it into testing.  These are the latest prototype revision.

Net Hatchling – a ENC28J60 DIP Breakout board

    I put a new project together this weekend.  It is called Net-Hatchling.  It’s a break-out board for the ENC28J60.  The ENC28J60 is a micro-chip ethernet controller.  It’s relatively inexpensive and available in a DIP format.  There are essentially two alternatives for ethernet in the Arduino world, this chip and a Wiznet5100.  Wiznet 5100 […]