TinyDelay completed – Arduino IDE compatible ATTiny85 time delay relay

I am very happy to share that TinyDelay is completed.  With a kit price of $13.65 plus shipping this is a fun ATTiny85 based kit.  The code uses an interrupt on the input pin to initiate an “on cycle”.  As with all Nanohawk products it can easily be modified for other applications.  The input pin […]

WP pasted back together.

Still not really sure what went wrong or what fixed it, which is spooky.  But it seems to be working now.  I switched themes a couple of times and it started working.

WP crashed

WordPress crashed on me this evening…. things happen.  It actually became very very slow and unresponsive, at which point I restarted the server.   The menu structure seems messed up.  Content is still there so I’m not ready to do a site restore quite yet.  I will see if I can get it working.  Thank […]

TinyPLC, TinyDelay and TinyTimer Kickstarter updates

I received word yesterday and today that the next few prototype boards are headed my way from the great folks at OSHPark.  The products headed in are TinyDelay, TinyPLC Solo, and TinyTimer Kickstarter. TinyDelay is an input sensing delay timer.  Push a button and it turns on (or off) a relay for a set period […]

Aggravation leads to product change

I sold a TinyTimer-Classic with assembly today.  The assembly went fine… the testing did not.  After several hours I concluded that sharing the MOSI/MISO lines was causing grief.  After wrestling with several alternatives, I decided to retire TinyTimer-Classic.  It will be replaced with an upgraded board called TinyPLC.  This is an Atmega328 based unit and […]