HotSocket a multi-chip programmer with ISP

I finished the 2nd version of hot socket tonight.  I am including two ZIF 28 pin sockets.  The right hand one will service ATmega328’s.  The left one will service ATTiny 85’s at the bottom, and ATTiny2313’s at the top.  The board still has a 6 pin ISP header to program units that are in the […]

The value of component testing

I’m working on HotSocket, a ZIF socket enabled version of the ever popular TinyTimerISP.  Along the way I needed to create a part for Eagle that would enable me to place the ATTiny2313 processor from Atmel.  This is an AVR series processor that is essentially used for software emulation of a $4 chip.  Not my […]

RO Saver and UniPowerSupply

I have started working on my next two projects.  UniPowerSupply is the simplest.  I’m working on a universal power supply using an LM2576 IC.  The basic idea is to be able to use any power source under 60V to generate a stable 5v DC source.  Moving forward I’ll retire the USB-B power input and use […]