Orange Pi Setup Video

I completed my video editing and have created a video to help you get up and running with an Orange Pi Zero. This video rolls up everything I’ve figured out in the last 30 days to help you get out of the box, configured, and video and wifi running. You’ll need Armbian’s Debian Jessie distro […]

Configuring OctoPrint on an Orange Pi Zero – using Armbian Debian Jessie Distro

This is the second half of setting up an Orange Pi Zero.  These are the steps I followed to configure Octoprint.  I’m annoyed that it has to be started manually, but it does work and stay running. —- OctoPrint Config —- (adapted from **add user and configure permissions sudo adduser octoprint sudo usermod -a […]

Setting up a Orange Pi Zero using an Armbian/Debian Jessie distro

Here are my notes on building the initial config. Orange Pi Zero Build Docs ** find it using IPscan etc…. ssh to it and add: Sudo nano /etc/modules simply add tv to the last line of the file, exit and save ofcourse shutdown -h now -r (reboot) to bring up the terminal ** then run […]

Orange Pi Zero and VGA

So… I learned a bit about RCA and VGA today.  VGA is a component input, RCA is a composite input.  What does this mean?  RCA has the signal all on one wire and the devices that use it separate it electronically.  This compromises fidelity, or information density which is why it’s great for 640×480 and […]

Orange Pi Zero

I picked up an Orange Pi Zero recently.  It’s an interesting Single Board Computer (SBC) with a quad core Allwinner H2. You can see the full specs here: I found a very nice pinout diagram on the Orange Pi forums: The best part is that this is a $7 system.  $3 for shipping. It […]