Bye Azure! Hello AWS

I’ve decided to move from Azure to AWS EC2 for hosting. To be honest the service at Microsoft Azure has been lackluster at best. No support and crappy performance. There are times when the machine is just simply unresponsive. AWS T2.Small instance size is pretty snappy and around the same money. In addition, Amazon offers […]

Web hosting maintenance – retiring Azure CDN and re-configuring AWS CDN

While this blog does not receive tons of traffic, I still run it so that it could handle a ton of traffic. This means leveraging CDN or Content Delivery Network technology. There are a number of providers who offer this, but Windows Azure and Amazon S3/Cloudfront are two of the best and cheapest. There are […]

bitly = brokely

Well, all was working until I posted… then the bitly plugin crashed the site. No amount of re-configuration would make it happy. Fortunately, deleting it was easy and fixed the problem. I noticed there was not a new version, so that suggests it wasn’t working well.

migration drama o rama

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been very busy remodeling my house. I do have lots of projects on my to-do list, so I’ll start posting again. I had to do some housekeeping before I started posting. First things first, my OS was failing to update. After digging into it, I realized the […]

WP crashed

WordPress crashed on me this evening…. things happen.  It actually became very very slow and unresponsive, at which point I restarted the server.   The menu structure seems messed up.  Content is still there so I’m not ready to do a site restore quite yet.  I will see if I can get it working.  Thank […]

Pingdom online for

Pingdom is a great service that allows web operators to monitor the up-time and performance of their sites.  They offer a free account for monitoring a single site.  You can even make your performance public.  Click here to see the performance of