Kickstarter project complete

I’m very happy to have shipped the last of the 40 TinyTimer units today for my KickStarter backers.  That closes the TinyTimer Kickstarter project. I also took a video and documented a revised assembly process that is about 30% shorter.  You can watch the video here:  

Product assembly and testing update for TinyTimer KickStarter Edition

I completed assembly of 12 TTKS units over the weekend.  My initial testing was that 8 units worked as expected.  2 units needed the filter capacitor on the power supply changed from a 1uf to 4.7uf 50v electrolytic capacitor.  I’m unsure as to why these two units were seeing more noise, but it was a […]

Updated manual for TinyTimer KickStarter

I updated the manual for TTKS today.  There were two important changes based on observations during assembly of units. The first observation was that the USB-B pins were susceptible to being bent and needed to be carefully aligned prior to insertion.  While USB-B is a nice durable connector, I will be thinking hard about it […]

Aggravation leads to product change

I sold a TinyTimer-Classic with assembly today.  The assembly went fine… the testing did not.  After several hours I concluded that sharing the MOSI/MISO lines was causing grief.  After wrestling with several alternatives, I decided to retire TinyTimer-Classic.  It will be replaced with an upgraded board called TinyPLC.  This is an Atmega328 based unit and […]

TinyTimer-KS Developments

I spent some time tuning the TinyTimer design with the interface.  I realized I wasn’t happy with simple pins for the input and logic connection points.  I changed them to terminals which set off a cascade of space issues.  I wound up re-laying out the entire board this evening to deal with some space constraint […]

Yet Another Revision to TinyTimer-Classic

Found an issue with the ISP and while I was fixing it I realized I could free up a pin to add an input.  There is very little cost involved with adding the input which is a great thing.  It significantly increases the things you can do with the timer by allowing it to react […]

Change of plans -ordered TinyTimerKS boards

I found a hard bug in the PCB design.  I had forgotten to include a pull up resistor on the reset pin.  This explains why it seemed dead.  There was no nice way to hack around that, so I ordered new boards right away.  Need to get a unit assembled and begin coding/testing/verification so I […]

New PCB design for TinyTimer

replaced switch with pin-header and shunt (jumper).  This is more cost effective and avoids the switch footprint issues. rearranged the crystal and capacitors to ensure no routing errors as on the previous PCB. added a ground plane. located all controlled circuit traces to top of PCB. changed axial capacitor out for more cost effective equivalent […]

Bug Juice – found the error in the schematic

Prototyping is one of those things that when it works properly it can be irritating.  I found the bug in the circuit this evening.  I had the crystal oscillator and the capacitors in the wrong order.  Grr.  I’m going to salvage the prototype board, but it won’t be pretty.    Of course, the important part […]