My parts arrived from Tayda this weekend. It’s always fun to receive components and check them in. Boards are shipping today and I should be ready to build prototypes for the power supply and LED projects.
2016-04-06 18.57.18

I also received my OrangePi One single board computer. It’s a $10+ embedded Linux PC. 1/2GB of ram, network, a USB port and power.
2016-04-07 23.51.57

2016-04-07 23.51.53

2016-04-07 23.51.48
I ordered this one for about $19 from an Amazon reseller. I also ordered one on AliExpress for $9.99 with free shipping. I plan to print the case for it when it shows up, using the 3D printer. I’m building a power supply for it to use vehicle voltage to power it. That should eliminate the unique barrel connector on the power input. Once I get the kinks worked out I’ll publish the power supply.

Here’s a glance at the schematic for v1.1


The other project is bay-light which is a light with 9 LED’s and a regulator IC so it can be powered by 12-30vDC that is typically found on vehicles. I could have purchased a light for $12 to $20, but I think these will wind up being a little cheaper. Besides, making them is half of the fun.