Aggravation leads to product change

I sold a TinyTimer-Classic with assembly today.  The assembly went fine… the testing did not.  After several hours I concluded that sharing the MOSI/MISO lines was causing grief.  After wrestling with several alternatives, I decided to retire TinyTimer-Classic.  It will be replaced with an upgraded board called TinyPLC.  This is an Atmega328 based unit and […]

Received TinyTimer-Duo boards and then ordered a new set

I received the boards for the TinyTimer Duo… and confirmed that they too had two mistakes.  I corrected the mistakes and ordered a new set.  The following changes were logged: Fixed Oscillator and capacitor sequence. Added 10K resistor to reset button Changed labels on logic inputs to reflect the pin they connect to Changed filter […]

Testing a transistor, relay, resistor combination to ensure long term success

I originally designed the tiny timer using an MJE3055 transistor.  I did this because I had one laying around.  Always a great excuse when hacking a project.  For production purposes, that’s not usually the best choice.  I decided that I would change over to one of my favorite transistors, the BC517.  It’s a high amplification […]

New Prototype boards ordered for TinyTimer Duo

I spent some time this evening revising TinyTimer Duo.  I made both relays capable of handling AC loads.  I also added a second input, and switched the chip in the design to an Atmega328p-PU which is the same as what is in some types of Arduino boards.  This makes it fully compatible.  The inputs are […]